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Will your next home have a rocking bed?

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Will Your Next Home Have an Aquarium Bed?

aquarium bed




Will your next home have an aquarium bed? 







boat bed







Will your next home have a boat bed?













branchy bed







Will your next home have a scratching post bed? 





rocking bed








Will your next home have a rocking bed?

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Will Your Next Home Have a Lap Pool?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Luxury Lap Pools

luxury lap pools

Many people think of a lap pool as strictly utilitarian.  It is a ways to a means… exercise in water.
By thinking outside the box these designers have created usable pools that are also beautiful!

Luxury Lap Pools are an amazing way to enhance your property adding value and a beautiful way to exercise!

Saving space and suited to both serious swimmers and toe dippers, lap pools can be a brilliant addition to the landscape!


Which one fits your style?

luxury lap pools
luxury lap pools

Which one can you see yourself swimming in?

Would you choose a home because of the pool?

Do you have a favorite here?

These photos are from a feature on about Luxury Lap Pools.

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