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Frank & Lawrence Hughes-La Quinta Country Club Designers

When the La Quinta Country Club joined The Palm Springs Classic in 1964, the course was described as “one of the toughest in the desert”.    Credit for designing and building this timelesla quinta cc course layouts and challenging course goes to the brothers Frank & Lawrence Hughes.  The brothers worked as a team, and so did Frank and his wife, Naomi.  Naomi won the 2nd Club Championship at LQCC,  she founded  the first Fiesta Alegre Ladies Tournament, helped organize team play in the desert and worked tirelessly to help La Quinta Country Club grow!

Naomi herself remembered those days very vividly.  “I think that was probably one of the happiest times of my life because Frank was so happy.  We both were so involved.  He played golf practically every day.  He was so proud of that course.”

Frank Hughes, who died in May of 1981, designed a number of golf courses with his brother, Lawrence.  La Quinta was one of his favorites, and one of Naomi’s.  “Frank engineered the building of the golf course, she says.  “As soon as he finished it, I thought it was the greatest course in the whole world, so we joined! ”

“Frank was a golf course architect and agronomist.  His brother, Lawrence did most of the designing on paper and Frank did it on the ground. ”

La Quinta Country Club will celebrate its 51st season this year.  For more information about homes at LQCC, a tour of the club-house, or round of golf… contact Kathy Schowe at


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