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Share your Melvyn’s and Ingleside Inn stories “CONTEST” !

Do You Have a Story about Melvyn’s or the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs?

Do you have story about Melvyn’s or the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs?Mel Haber, the owner of Melvyn’s and the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs is running a contest to collect stories about the restaurant and the Ingleside Inn.  If you have a funny, interesting, romantic, or crazy story to share about the historic restaurant or Inn– write it down and submit it to Mel himself!

I met Brian Ellis, the maitre’d at Melvyn’s,  back in 1988… we dated for several years… and I am sure I can come up with at least a couple of good stories about Melvyn’s!  

For details on the contest and prizes see  below!

Based on the success of Restaurateur/Hotelier Mel Haber’s 2 previous books, Mel is now running a contest for stories by guests and customers for a new book. This contest is open to anyone who has had an interesting or unusual experience with either Melvyn’s Restaurant, the Ingleside Inn or with Mel Haber himself. From Funny, to Romantic, To Poignant, to Naughty or Bizarre, Mel wants them all.

There will be 10 winners and the top three winning stories will appear in his new book, on the Ingleside website, in Melvyn’s Happenings, and on various Internet blogs. The other 7 winners will be awarded their choice from other great prizes.

Every entry will receive a personalized Thank You Certificate from Mel Haber for submitting their story. Mel, himself, will be the final judge. The contest will run until October 30, 2012.

Details can be found at Melvyn’s Restaurant or the Ingleside Inn Front Desk or by clicking HERE.

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